Our Shop

Our shop is located in South Kensington. And the name DaSein 668 comes from the fact that is is located in Bute Street number 668.

Close to the South Kensington tube station. Our shop has grown much since its early days, however, and we have bought the two adjacent buildings, and also made a huge cellar area of around 400 square meters.



Our main focus is cigars, and out of all the countries that produce cigars, DaSein 668 focuses on Cuban cigars. We pride ourselves in having all Cuban cigars available on the market today, and even some cigars that are not available.
This latter group includes some very special cigars that previously was only meant for the Cuban political leadership, and also some of the “Secret Stash” cigars that has been created Sharon DaSein herself, often in close collaboration with some very famous people.
Most of our famous clients like to keep a low profile, but we do offer some information not least because some of the specially blended Cuban cigars that have been enjoyed by many celebrities are now on sale.
Not least our Alfred Hitchcock and Margaret Thatcher collections.

AH collection

That Alfred Hitchcock smoked cigars is no big secret, but that he enjoyed a specially designed DaSein cigar is less known. This cigar is now available for the general public.
It is a 58 inches ring gauge double corona cigar that is unusually tasty.
Made from the finest Cuban tobacco available. The tobacco leaves that cover the filling, in other words the wrapper, is made from tobacco leaves that have matured for three years in the private cellars of Sharon DaSein’s family farm on Cuba. These are dark leaves that give off an incredibly creamy and aromatic taste.
A taste that Alfred Hitchcock enjoyed so much that he smoked up to four a day.
You can also get the exact same leavers, wrapper and filler, in different sizes, including a very popular robusto.

MT collection

Very few people knew that Margareth Thatcher liked to smoke cigars. Not least because she was very strict about never smoking cigars in public.
She didn’t want to be seen as more manly than she already was, and she did not want to be compared to figures like Winston Churchill. But the fact remains that she smoked cigars regularly, up to three a day.
Her cigar of choice was not your typical thick cigar that Churchill made famous (or that made Churchill famous), but a thinner version called panatellas.
Long, thin cigars that could be easily smoked. A very good cigar that is getting more and more popular. And now you can buy the exact blend that our lovely Iron Lady enjoyed so much.