Casino Nights


Our Owner and founder, Sharon DaSein, was famous for her shor, but intense career in gambling. She was a particularly good baccarat player, and enjoys a game of baccarat even now at 88.
She started hosting card games back in the 1970s.
Then it was only a matter of a very small group of friends and clients. And most often these people fell into the same group, being both friends and clients. Some clients had become friends, and most of her friends became clients. Which tells you a lot about the fantastic level of hospitality our shop always offered.
People feel at home here, not least thanks to the personal charm of Sharon DaSein.
From the end of the 1980s these casino nights had become quite popular, and it was not possible to secure entrance to everybody that wanted to enter. It was at this time that Sharon bought the corner pub next door, thus securing not only a nice and busy pub, but also a very large cellar that was transformed into a mini casino.
At the same time Sharon got more and more trouble from the authorities so she started her casino club, which meant that everybody wanting to play poker, baccarat, blackjack or roulette (which were the games that she offered at the time), needed to become members of DaSein 688, a gambling club that was started at that time.


After five years Sharon DaSein got the opportunity to buy another property adjacent to the pub, and the casino basement was expanded further.
When the DeVere family entered into partnership with Sharon DaSein, they bought an additional two houses around the shop and the pub, tripling the available space.
One year after DaSein 668 got a casino license, and today it is possible to play poker, baccarat and blackjack on the premises. Roulette was taken out of the casino for a more focused theme on card games. But you can also find a very small selection of slot machines, and the DaSein lottery is still very famous. This is a yearly lottery were the winner gets a fantastic jackpot that is accumulated from the whole year of gambling
that has taken place in the casino.
Last year the jackpot was 1 million US dollars, and the winner was Mr. Greene, one of the neighbors of the shop.


If you want to become a member of the casino club you need to visit the store and buy a box of the Havana Club Cigars, which currently is selling for 100 pounds.
Then you can apply for membership which is 500 pounds per year, but which gives you the right to one box of these same cigars yearly. Members will get bonus and free spins.