About DaSein

Early Life

Sharon DaSein was born into one of the wealthiest, British families of the last 300 years. Daughter of Lord and Lady Ashton-Buggersley.
Lord Ashton-Buggersley was famous for his sugar company that was established by his great-grandfather back in 1767. A company that together with the more famous Tate and Lyle, ruled sugar production and sales in the UK.
Sahron DaSein’s mother, Lady Ashton-Buggersley, was a famous poet of her own right.
Sharon never took university, instead she made a living playing baccart in casinos.
After four years of professional gambling Sharon decided to travel the world. But she didn’t get much further than India, where she got stuck (as she herself says) in an ashram for about three years.
There she was deeply influenced by Indian religion and spiritual philosophy, and it was armed with this knowledge that she returned to London. On the voyage back she met the young, Cuban writer Estefan
Colombus, and they married one year later. They lived just outside Havana, Cuba, for the first three years of their marriage, and it was here that Sharon got interested in Cigars.
Colombus’s family were the owners of one of the best known tobacco farms on the island, and Sharon soon learned all there was to know about cigars. When Estefan died of colon cancer, Sharon stayed on for another year before deciding to return to England. And it was upon returning that she decided to start her cigar shop, which has been in business until today.

Later life

Thanks to her fame back in England, she managed to get quite a good clientele even from the very beginning. Alfred Hitcock got all his cigars from Sharon, but it is a little known fact that he only smoked a specially crafted cigar from Columbus’s tobacco farms.
Other famous clients inclided Mick Jagger, Margaret Thatcher and The Queen Mother, in addition to thousdands of more ordinary people enjoying a good, Cuban cigar. In 1992 Sharon wrote a book on cigars, that soon after its release was recognized as the number one book on the issue of cigars, and has been in print ever since.


Sharon DaSein is still alive, and can be seen in her shop. But these days the daily management is with Mr. Charles DeVere and his family, that bought 50% of the shares of DaSein 668 in 2010.
The shop is still run in Sharon DaSein’s spirit, and an important part of the shop is its weekly casino nights in the basement.
You can read more about these casino nights in the page called Casino Nights.

Orange Marmalade

In addition to being a connoisseur of cigars and casino games, Sharon DaSein is also famour for her fantastic orange marmalade. A product that we still sell in our store.
The marmalade is made according to Sharon’s strict recipe that calls for half and half Cuban and Sevillian oranges, mixed with a small amount of the best Cuban tobacco leaves available.