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Our Shop

You can read more extensively about our shop on the pages called Our Shop, but even though our store is physically located in South Kensington, London (at number 668 of Bute Street, near the South Kensington tube station) you can order all the products that we have in our store right from these webpages.

Casino nights

One of the special things about the DaSein 668 shop is that we arrange weekly casino nights. We love casino games, particularly blackjack, and have a full casino license in our shop.
Be aware that we are a very exclusive casino, more of a micro casino, and only allow members to enter, and only 55 people at any one time.

Online shopping

All our products are displayed in our online shop. And if you want to buy one of them, simply click on the product and the number of products you want and go to the check-out page.
There, you will be asked to register as a member, which means entering your full name, credit card information as well as your shipping address.
All products received before 12PM are shipped the same day.
Shipping is from London, UK, and we use Federal Express.